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Resident DJ WAX’X


As a teenager Dj Waxx already was passionate by the essence of true music. With living between different cultures the interests in music kept on growing to an eclectic excursion. At that moment there were no tough about being a DJ, only with charring the love for music with friends and family made him shift his boundaries to become a DJ.

Flirting with house music in all its forms and colors he brings exclusive for the party concept Extravaganza a mix of disco cuts to the current gems, forgotten house tracks, a jam of all those good old and new classics and a twist of retro.

Working on stage with live guests Dj Waxx shows he is never afraid to take some risks.

Also for the party “theme” of the Extravaganza Concept he is willing to make remixes that makes the event even stand out more.

Dj Waxx is more into the music than into what is supposed to be hot. Just everything that can bring you to a happy atmosphere, you can experience on the Extravaganza dance floor.

Being a nice guye only makes him stand out even more in today’s shark-ridden dance scene.